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Something about Emirates Airlines !

Emirates (airline) - In arabic  طيران الإمارات -airline with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Its main hub is Dubai International Airport.

In the 2007-2008 trading period the line transported 229 225 passengers in 1921 [1] and 1 282 134 tons of cargo. The average load factor of aircraft in the period was 79.8%.

The line employs over 40 000 people.

Emirates belong to the government of Dubai.

History Emirates
The line was established on Oct. 25, 1985 .At the beginning wylizingowanymi have two aircraft: Boeing 737 and Airbus A300. The first flights took place to Karachi and Bombay. The first European port of destination was London (Gatwick), added in July 1987. Flight to Singapore in June 1990 initiated the first call of the South-East Asia .

I add polish but very amazing video ! enjoy ;)

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